Refinished hardwood floors in boie id

Old Hardwood Floor Restoration and Refinishing in Boise, Idaho

Wooden floor refurbishment is an effective way to completely transform the look and feel of your home. It takes a professional to restore an oak or parquet wood floor to its original warmth and beauty.  Colpron Custom Floors is proud to be one of the best hardwood floor refinishing companies serving the Boise, Idaho area. Whether your hardwood floors are older or newer, oak or walnut, hand scraped or not, we can get them looking beautifully restored in as little as a few days. Some restoration work that Jon and the team at Colpron Custom Floors can do includes:
  • Refinishing old hardwood floors
  • Restoring newer floating hardwood flooring
  • Scratched floor repair
  • Rotted wood floor repair
  • Restoring hand scraped oak or walnut wood flooring

Whether refinishing old hardwood floors or needing to restore a new hardwood floor, Colpron Custom Floors can help. With over 15 years of experience in the flooring industry, we have the experience and expertise to refinish your oak, walnut, or other wood floors with careful precision. You can rest assured that your wood floor refinishing project is safe in our hands. 
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Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Scratch Repair

Wooden floors are timeless, beautiful and functional. A floor scratch or rotted wood can be frustrating, but a small repair like that can be done in a matter of hours if properly done. Using only the highest quality tools, penetrating oil finishes and eco-friendly materials, Colpron Custom Floors can do all of your wood floor damage repair. Depending on the type of wood you have in your home, our flooring experts can repair a hardwood floor finish and even increase the texture and longevity of your existing wood floors by using our highly specialized hand scraping techniques. Check out our gallery to see past repairs and refinishes that Colpron Custom Floors has completed to bring gorgeous hardwood floors back to life.  Dedicated to offering as many environmentally options as possible to help you stay within your budget and stick to your flooring goals, Jon is known for his caring customer service.

With services to the Idaho cities of Emmett, Boise, Eagle, Sun Valley, McCall, and Middleton and the Oregon areas surrounding Ontario and Baker City, Colpron Custom Floors offers professional hardwood floor refinishing. Whether you would like a new hardwood floor fixed or an old one restored, you can contact us  today at
(208) 685-9167 for a free estimate.