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LVP Floor Installation in Boise, Idaho

Luxury vinyl planking is a great option for customers looking for flooring that has the durability and quality of wooden floors without all of the upkeep. LVP comes in many different colors and styles and is known as one of the easiest floors to maintain. It can also take plenty of wear over the years. The average cost of LVP (luxury vinyl) installation is generally less than the cost of doing a custom floating or scraped hardwood floor. We also locally source our luxury vinyl flooring by using the Cordalera LVP
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Custom Hardwood Floors vs. LVP Flooring Installation

If you are choosing between installing LVP flooring or custom hardwood floors in your home, there are several factors to consider.

One of the pros of luxury vinyl flooring is that it is more water resistant than other wood flooring. While not completely flood proof, because of its increased ability to resist water you may want to consider installing LVP in a bathroom or kitchen.

The average cost of luxury vinyl flooring is generally more affordable than wood flooring.  LVP flooring installation is easy and fairly quick as well. The more expensive hand scraped solid hardwood flooring will ultimately last longer, however many choose LVP flooring for its other advantages.

While LVP flooring is susceptible to nicks, it generally takes less maintenance than custom wood floors that require constant sweeping and mopping to avoid having to do floor scratch repair. Even animal claws can easily damage hardwood floors, so if you have pets you might also want to consider installing luxury vinyl flooring.

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